Baton Rouge: Leave Feedback for Price LeBlanc Toyota!

Here at Price LeBlanc Toyota, we’re always looking for ways to become a better dealership and make the experience better for car lovers in Baton Rouge. However, we can’t do this without the help of everyone that’s ever set foot in our dealership! Customer feedback is more important than ever for improving businesses everywhere, and we’ll tell you the how and why in the blog post below.


Regardless of your experience -- positive, negative, or somewhere in between -- we read reviews to see how we’re doing, what we could be doing better, and how we can improve on the aspects people love about us. However, that only happens if you decide to actually leave us feedback! You can leave us a review at any of the following spots for us to improve:

No matter what you thought of your visit to our Baton Rouge dealership, we want to hear about it! You can leave feedback through our site here and browse our latest inventory here. If you happen to have any questions, you can contact us here too!
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