Toyota Prius being charged in Baton Rouge, LA

With increasing gas prices, a lot of people are considering switching to non-traditional types of vehicles. But what’s the difference between a plugin hybrid, an EV, or even an alternative fuel vehicle? 



  • Stands for Electric Vehicle
  • Powered entirely by battery
  • Useful mainly for commuting or short trips around town
  • Must be charged for several hours to "fill up"

Plugin Hybrid

  • A gas- and electric-powered vehicle
  • Can be powered by its battery entirely
  • Uses a small gas engine for performance or range
  • Can charge the battery through its gas engine or by plugging into an outlet


  • A vehicle that uses both gasoline and battery power, sometimes both, or either, depending on the driving style
  • The battery is charged by the gas engine
  • Usually cannot be plugged in

Alternative fuel

  • A vehicle that uses a fuel source other than gasoline or electricity, generally hydrogen or natural gas
  • These can vary significantly, and we suggest doing additional research into each individual model

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